Sunday, February 12, 2017

Important things in my life

How do you do it all?? You make time for what's important to you. My Princess, my Family, my Foundation, my Career!!! I try to balance it all. I often fall short but those things are what's important to me. Allow me to share:

My daughter...this childs present, future & well being is why I sacrifice for just like my mom did for me. I am not the mom that lives through her kid. Her talent is her talent & has to be well groomed and I trust her Director & Coaches to help with that. She's gifted in dance but also smart in school and already acts and make decisions as a buiness owner. I am extremely proud of Princess Mia as shes developing into a Queen!

My family core is held strongly together by my mom. I don't have enough time to express how much she does & have sacrificed for her kids. This woman...she should write a book! Don't ever come for her because I will loose everything and risk it all to protect her. I hope you guys feel the same about your mom.

My foundation: I have to shout out Renzo, David and favorite cousins Alisha & MJ for staying on my ass and making sure my life & foundation stays on track with the mission statement. Noone is making any money but  they still handle each role as if they are getting paid. 

For my career, I always give credit to my entire team! Even though, I do not have an assistant or different agents under me. I have helped jump start a lot of Realtors with countless advice. I am a one woman team but I say team because anyone that refer to me I consider a team member. I might be the one opening doors and written contracts but without the team I would not have a door to unlock. So I am always humble for that. I love all my clients as if we are family sometimes my family is dysfunctional and they don't listen but we still get shit do.

Sorry for the long post but I wanted to share a little of my life with you. What's important to me is not if you like me but that you respect my hustle. 😎

Friday, July 1, 2016

#Life Lesson

Stay clear of negative people! I am a big believer in the ability to transfer energy from one person to another. I totally understand if someone is having a bad day but if everything is always negative sometimes you have to walk away. If they are always negative, you must understand that no matter what you say they will have a negative opinion on. The energy that you have can & will be heavily impacted if you continue to mingle. 
Positive People Have Positive Energy       #KeepingItReal